Mister E Dog-Money Hungry - WEB - 2012 - ESG

01 Intro (feat. Goldtoes)
02 Money Hungry
03 Coast 2 Coast
04 Drinks on Me (feat. M-Dawg, Sweet Pea)
05 Drop It Pop It (feat. Oly Ghost, Lil Junior)
06 Spanish Fly (feat. Koki G)
07 We Got Next (feat. Wicked One)
08 Kobe Bryant
09 City on My Back (feat. P.AZ.E, Oly Ghost)
10 On the Block (feat. Young Chitty, Cee Three)
11 Gorillaz in the Trunk (feat. Krypto)
12 All I Know (feat. Gavlyn)
13 MOB (feat. Ziggy)
14 Out Here (feat. Maddrop)
15 Bad Man (feat. AZ)

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