Casper Locs And Tito Loc-Product Of The Struggle - 2018 - CR

01 Down 2 Ride (Feat. Matty G, King)
02 Moms Mistake
03 M.O.E. (Feat. Conspiracy, Elly, Triggaboy Dee)
04 Push, Pull, Strive (Feat. Lil J-Go)
05 Pull Out (Feat. Conspiracy)
06 Full Clip In This 45 (Feat. Yung Rulie, Jobi Locster)
07 Bang'N On Um (Feat. Tweety Bird, Doc-9)
08 How Real Can You Keep It (Feat. Big Rome, Ange Loc)
09 Talks Cheap
10 Married To The Game (Feat. Sandman)
11 Nobody (Feat. B-Dawg)
12 Cold (Feat. Timmy Loc)
13 All I Know (Feat. Big Rome, HEX)
14 Shooting Shit (Feat. Lil Ricky, Block Monstah, Chole Boy Huero)
15 Keep A Strap
16 Wit It REMIX (Feat. Yantz, Crawlla, Yung Rulie)
17 Bring It Here (Feat. Timmy L.O.C.)
18 Fast Lane (Feat. Sandman)

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